Below is a list of functionality currently coded for the online registration system:

Functionality CAA CGS CSS FFCA WCS Notes
Family Annual Survey ? Survey Monkey itegrated (completed once/family)
Family Apple Purchase ?
Family Bus Delay Integration With YSB ? P P P Pending - plans for summer 2011 integration
Family Bus Delay System Subscription ? P P
Family Cashless Schools
Family Consignment Administration ?
Family Consignment Store ?
Family Consignment Store Items ?
Family Contact Detail P
Family Emergency Broadcast Subscription ? WCS - only one actively using/testing
Family Family Detail P
Family Field Trip AOR Forms ?
Family Food Order ?
Family Food Order History ?
Family Home Page P
Family Password Change P All boards now have strong passwords
Family Password Retrieval P
Family Pay Fees P CSS/WCS - Moneris, CGS - Chase Payment, FFCA - PSIGate All- calculate maximums dynamically
Family Payment History P
Family PPF Bank Deposit Details ? FFCA- Integrated PPF Credit to Fees
Family Self-Registration P
Family Student Detail P
Family Student Directory Information P
Family Student Directory Search P
Family Transportation P CGS - Strongly Integrated with YSB, Others - Planned Integration Summer 2011
Family Volunteer Co-ordinator Hour Entry ?
Family Volunteer Detail ? Police check integration
Family Volunteer Hour Entry ?
Family Volunteer Hour Summary ?
Staff Aboriginal/Francophone Report P
Staff Add/Delete Student Tool P Students remain in archive after deletion
Staff Balance of Fee Tool ? Add/Delete fee for one student
Staff Bank By Code Conference ?
Staff Bank By Code Report P Granular for Field Trip reporting
Staff Bank Transactions Conference ?
Staff Bank Transactions Report P
Staff Bus Delays Tool ? Will be replaced with YSB
Staff Bus Mapping Tool ? Partially coded mapping tool now incomplete
Staff Bus Route Manager Tool ? Will be replaced with YSB
Staff Campus Change ? Granular - depending on login
Staff Change Student Routes Tool ?
Staff Consignment Store Report ?
Staff Create Food Day Tool ?
Staff Demographics Report ?
Staff Edit Student Tool ?
Staff Emergency Bradcast via Mobile Tool ? Only tested and used at WCS
Staff Emergency Broadcast via Web Page Tool P Only tested and used at WCS
Staff Emergency List Report P
Staff Family Splitter Tool P
Staff Fee Manager Tool P
Staff Fee Status (New) Tool P Search for payees and allow waiver or partial pay
Staff Fee Waiver Manager Tool P
Staff Field Trip Manger Tool ?
Staff Food Day Summary Report ?
Staff Food Order Search Report ?
Staff Get Full Reg Status Report P
Staff GL Breakdown Report ? Total fees/student/code
Staff Group Manager Tool ?
Staff Homepage  P
Staff Instalment Notification Tool ? Track and Message those who have outstanding transportation installments - Printable List
Staff Media Release Report P
Staff New Applicant Report ?
Staff New Applicants Tool P P FFCA/CSS - need to intergrate with current waitlist
Staff Notifications Tool P Track and Message to those who have not completed registration
Staff Off Campus/Wesaelhead Report ?
Staff Password Change P
Staff Password Retrieval P Suggest Staff Add/Delete/Modify
Staff PPF List Report ?
Staff Publication Upload Tool ? Need to alter for delete
Staff Registration By Category Report P Summary with clickable totals
Staff Registration Print Report ? Access to batch print, CUM create, CUM difference 
FFCA Access to record Bank Transaction and Refunds
Staff Registrations Archive P
Staff Registrations Tool P Allows reset of registration
Staff Route Assignment Tool ? CSS also records LAT/LONG cordinates
Staff School Payments Archive ?
Staff School Payments Report ? By student (includes family max actual versus projected)
Staff Send Family Email Tool ? Need to alter for multiple attachments
Staff Student Computer Type Report ? Allowsreset
Staff Student Medical Report P
Staff Student Search P
Staff Textbook Refund Tool ? Track credits and record notes
Staff Transportation Archive P
Staff Transportation By Category Report P As Above
Staff Transportation Details Tool ?
Staff Transportation Students Report ?
Staff Transportation Tool P Allows reset of transportation
Staff Username/Password Search Report P Family details and allows username reset
Staff Volunteer List (Past Year) ?
Staff Volunteer Search Report ?
Staff Volunteer Summary by WCB Year Report ?
Staff Volunteer Summary Report ?
Student Acceptable Use Policy ? P
Student Home Page ? Suggest the addition of Student Directory Search
Student Password Change ? P
Student Password Retrieval ? P
P=Pending ?=Unknown Y=Yes N=No
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