Special Projects

Click here for a copy of an article written up by Blackberry for a Bus Delay Notification System I have developed. The article was written through "Southland" (a local bus company) so it looks like they did all the work and came up with the idea; in reality this is 100% my idea and code (hosted on domain etc under my name). They also know they "mis-represented" it themselves but the article's focus was to celebrate "Blackberry" and I felt I didn't need to correct them.

This article talks about the use of Blackberries but it works with any cell phone... I am running a similar set of code for a Charter School in Calgary that is using disposable cell phones to submit delays.

The School Online Registration System has taken up a lot of my development time in the past few years. Click here to get a list of current functions employeed by the various school boards.

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